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Mechanics liens made simple

Client didn't pay you and you need to record a lien? We can prepare and record your mechanics liens next day.

Your Client is Refusing to Pay?

Record a mechanics lien. We can help with preparing and recording the documents next day. RMD proprietary software makes it easy and streamlined to : 1.) Prepare the mechanics documents. 2.) Provide all notices required by law on a timely basis. 3.) Record the documents with the county. All from the comfort of your home or office.

Not sure how to record or prepare a lien.

We can help prepare a mechanics liens or any other lien to be placed on real property. We can help prepare and record within 24 hours of your request. All our recording is done electrocnically. We leverage our software and experience to provide the fastest turn around on processing and recording your document.

Common Questions

  • What's Electronic recording?

    Electronic recording is the process we go through to scan the document at our office or at the user ends office and provide the electronic image of to the local county recording office. The process save the county on processing times and staff and saves the use the time from standing in line.

  • Who needs this kind of Recording?

    Property investors and Lawyers usually need our services but our services are utilized by everyone that needs to work or submit legal documents to any county recorder's or county clerk's office. Anyone buying properties or selling, rehabbing, reselling, lawyers, contractors, investors and architects is a potential customer for us.

  • How are you better than alternatives?

    We are confident that we have produced a truly unique and best-in-class recording experience. Our proprietary technology allows us to offer our customers a simple process, fast recording and reliable source of information coupled with our industry expertise and dedicated support every step of the way. We understand the needs behind e-document recording, resulting in the development of our unique pricing structure that favors experienced consumer. The more experience you have, the larger the discount we can pass back to you. (ask our office for bulk submission discounts)

  • What’s the process to record with you?

    The process is simple, fast, reliable, and 100% online. To start recording, signup as a lawyer to get started or just simply complete the online creation form on our home page or simply email us your documents at info@recordmydocuments.com. We’ll ask you a few quick questions about you and the recording you’re interested in and then provide you with a portal where you can manage your recording and use our legal docs search -- all in about 3 minutes. From there we make it incredibly easy to record in just 4 minutes. You will simply answer a few remaining questions and upload the required documentation. We’ll verify your information, and if everything checks out, you will often have your document recorded next day.

  • What states are you recording and preparing documents?

    RecordMyDocuments is currently recording and preparing documents in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington,Utah and West Virginia and manymore. For a complete up to date list please email our staff at support@recordmydocuments.com

  • Who can I talk to for support?

    We're standing by. Please call 1-888-221-6663, Help@recordmydocuments.com, or live chat with us if you need help at any point.

Why RecordMyDocuments?

Mechanics Liens

Construction and repairs liens when clients don't pay.

Competitive Rates

Say goodbye to higher processing fees with our electronic program.

Simple Process

Our 100% online process is simple, with streamlined doc requirements and a quick turn around.

Ready to record your document?

Simple. Competitive rates. A process you'll love.

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